Get Free Teamdrive (Unlimited storage in GDrive)

This link is giving Private TD’s from some Taiwan university

Other Domain TD generators:-

Enter the name of Teamdrive which u want it to have and enter Gmail where you want to have Teamdrive .Thats it

Teamdrive will show up in Shared Drives section

You cant share folder from team drive -Restriction imposed by Google

You can share files outside organization …jus go to link sharing options …select allow external access.This option will not show up in Gdrive app…Use desktop mode in mobile browser or open in PC browser

I recommend using Mixplorer (for Phone) or Airexplorer (for pc) to tranfer files coz gdrive app doesnt give many options for transferring files and folders

For more Details Refer:-

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can explain a bit more?
like what exactly is teamdrive?
its confusing


why dont u try and find out…i assure u ,u wont be disappointed :blush:


gotcha man, its awesome, what about its life?

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Team drives r generally more reliable than edu gsuite.Teamdrives rarely get deleted by admins.I have never seen teamdrives get deleted. But if u store more than 100TBs of data in TD they get selected for Audit by google and may get deleted.So theoritically its for lifetime but always keep backups for your safety coz i cant guarantee anything


ok, thanks much, man and its useful as u can see files from many accounts.
thing is that we can’t move whole drive or folders to other gsuite(college) drive, any solution for this?

U can select move option or select copy to option and select destination
For this to work your Gmail ids should be member of TD.U can add members by jus clicking member tab then add members
U can also use Rclone lab( theres guide on this forum regarding this in this forum search it)

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i want to copy folders from my cuesta college edu id to this teamdrive,
and i think that can’t happen
m i right?

U can jus select folder from edu select copy to option select shared drive then td This will work provided u hv this edu as a member of Td

Multiple API requests on the backend, the process takes a long time, please be patient, **do not submit repeatedly**

Hi according to them it took a long time to process… so may I know base on your exp. how long does it take to make your request approve? and also what would u recommend to use an edu mail or a normal email? thank you in advance!

Who can see and access files I upload to this shared folder in G Drive? Anyone besides me?

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It should work with both edu or normal doesnt make a difference.I will add another method for Td if it doesnt work,maybe its bcoz ppl r spamming it :rofl: since i posted here so wait for sometime

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yes members of TD can upload files and do other thgs based on permission u give them on TD.
Beside u and and members of TD,Admin of the college can see and access files on TD…so i wouldnt recommend storing personal sensitive data

Ok great! thank u for your response we’ll for it for sure! :slightly_smiling_face:

there is no “copy to” option in drive
its just move for only files
gdrive removed that option for all

Yup looks like it :neutral_face: It was there last time i used it…i guess they r debuffing TD so ppl buy their gsuite lol …No worries u can use an app called Mixplorer it basically does the same.I use it for transferring my files anyway or u can use rclone

Update! my edu mail got approved but my 2 other normal email still not. My edu mail is the 3rd one to use to apply for this.

Update: My regular mail got approved. Now just wondering how I’m gonna copy the stuff I’ve been uploading to my mom’s legit edu email to this team drive. Note I said copy and not move.

add ur moms edu to td then use Mixplorer (for Phone) or Airxplorer (for pc) to trf