[GET] Free EDU Email | New Guide


  1. You will need a VPN, I use nordVPN you can PM me for a free account.
  2. Turn on USA VPN and visit http://yc.yccd.edu/admission
  3. Click there on apply now (2 times)
  4. Click on create an account and begin creating my account
  5. Enter there random information (But make sure it looks real, don’t choose for example as a
    date of birth “1/1/2001 or 6/9/1969“ and remember everything you entered there, you can
    use notepad. You can use https://www.ssn-verify.com/generate to generate a SSN. In a date
    of birth section I chose 2000 as a year.

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Hi !
What kind of subscription can I get with this edu mail account?

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You can get a lot of benefits.
Here is post on OneHack about the benefits of edu mail:

Benefits of Edu Mail :point_left:t2:

hey bro would you mind if I got a sub of nord from you? id really appreciate it!

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check your PM

Hey bro, can you provide me nord vpn?

Sorry, Currently that is not available.
Why not you go through this post(might be helpful):
Working PROTON VPN by @Techtanic

Thank you. Got accepted but its been hour none of the edu mail recipients account opening.

Getting this on outlook login

Takes time, check after 24hrs.

that email not work with 365

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Then how to access that edu inbox?

New Students:

The default password is as follows:

uppercase first letter of your legal first name

  • lowercase first letter of your legal last name
  • last 4 digits of your Social Security Number* (If no SSN, then use last 4 digits of Colleague ID #)
  • 2 digit designation of your birth month (e.g., April = 04)

For example John Doe with a SSN of 123-45-6789 born on January 2, 1999 would be Jd678901 .

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How to link email id with gmail account ,my mail is integerated with outlook

Thanks, waiting to screate EDU account

It’s working for me. Thanks.

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I got everything working and can acess edu mail box but how to link it with google and other stuff

how did you link with gmail? can you help me with it

Mine is linked with outlook not gmail.

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hey, i got access to the outlook, so far so good

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