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Hello 1heackers members .

firstly i am sorry for my broken english.

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watch this video for better understanding.


Did anyone try this out ?

Yes it works I got my domain name. Am now trying to link it to blogger. If you can help


i tried but at the end still need payment details

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it works … well we get credit when a/c is created and use that at payment so it works

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yaa its worked 4yr domain
and I get 100k (IDR) voucher code for Hosting Smile, UKM, Bisnis, Wolf Press, and VPS
thanks btw

@EmelCicak still it’s working. Just follow the video

thank you very much how can we add wordpress and host our site

im getting this error while searching for a domain, i tried to change the domain name but to no avail.

Need payment details

Its of no use to blogger, blogger doesn’t accept this kinda domain.

It did work I used it for blogger. Am lucky haha


Thanks! I have gotten more than 15 domains on here

ok finally managed to register domain. now someone will tell me about namservers. what should we choose?
i have a cloudflare index site for which i have regitered this domain. so how can i proceed further?

It worked. Thanks

thanks , its works i got free 4years domain

Thanks, Its worked

I got the domain a few days ago but I can’t use it for netlify I changed the DNS it’s few hours now but when I visit it doesn’t work. anyone able to use the domain outside on that provider?

Its not domain though but subdomain right?

@Rakib_Hosain for me this is much better if you can prepare an english version of the website.

no need to prepare for a english version of the website. it okay just refrain on using the dollar payment. my fault. now i have a four year domain name. where can i host them :rofl: for free.