[GET] Free .COM Domain for 5 Years

[Not working anymore]

Get a free .com for 5 years Take your business online today.

Start with a domain and pay nothing for up to 5 years. Easily make it yours with our free website builder.

Sign Up: https://mailchimp.com/features/domains/

(If you don’t have any CC or don’t want to use your real CC),

You can use this BIN: 549627xxxxxxxxxx

Note: you can’t host your domain to your own hosting server & can’t able to change the nameserver.

Good for your personal Portfolio site/CPA Landing page or other purpose.

Offer ends May 31, 2020


Please tell how to use this BIN?


thank you it’s working but how can i connect it to hosting i can’t find settings

Use this site and paste the bin. Then click generate.
Use any CC from the right side box.


You can’t host your domain to other hosting panel.

Follow the link All About Carding | Noobs Guide | Updated 2020 💯


thanks dear but some one tells that use ADDRRESS USA, so how to use usa address? should we use vpn ? i

You don’t need any VPN, neither USA address. I used my real address for the first domain.
If you want to use USA address, you can use any VPN and address from google maps or fake-it.ws/us


what is this?

how i can move domain into my shopify store

Working nicely for now. Thanks.

can we use this domain name to attach with our WordPress website?

fake address generator

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working, but but can only use in mailchimp, not allow to manage DNS

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Can i change DNS setting

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How can I create website with this domain? Where’s setting for that in mailchimp?

Right. You can only allowed to manage the domain and website on mailchimp. It’s good for building landing page for CPA or other purpose.

if im a writer how am i supposed to add my blog posts in the website. i cant see any option for that. its more like a landing page. correct me if im wrong here

thanks, the bin works as well

It’s such a damn shame you can’t use a website you’ve already made with the free domain! :sob:

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