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Free on-demand training

We’re releasing free on-demand courses over the next few weeks. We know social distancing isn’t fun, but it can be a great opportunity to learn new things. So while other people are making a second pass through their Netflix queue, you can build your Elastic Stack, observability, and security skills and come out the other side an expert.


Observability Fundamentals

Fundamental skills for achieving observable systems with the Elastic Stack.


Kibana for Splunk SPL Users

For users of Splunk’s Search Processing Language (SPL) that would like to translate their analysis skills to Kibana and Elasticsearch.


Introduction to Observability: Logging

Fundamentals of shipping, analyzing, and visualizing log data for system observability.


Metrics Fundamentals

Fundamental skills for building high-capacity metric systems. You will learn about common metrics problems and their solutions.

Coming April 20

APM Fundamentals

Fundamental skills for monitoring software services and applications in real time.

Coming April 20


Elastic Endpoint Security Fundamentals

Fundamental skills for utilizing Elastic Endpoint Security to protect those endpoints.


Anomaly Detection for Cybersecurity

Learn how anomaly detection with Elastic machine learning can help you quickly and efficiently detect security threats, regardless of data size.


Elastic SIEM Fundamentals

Leverage Elastic SIEM to drive your security operations and threat hunting.

Coming April 20

Elastic Stack

ECE Fundamentals

Fundamental skills for installing and administering Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) on hardware and environments outside of Elastic Cloud.


Kibana Fundamentals

Learn the basics for using Kibana to query, analyze, and visualize data stored within Elasticsearch. Also learn to use Lens for drag and drop visualizations.


Fundamentals of Securing Elasticsearch

Elastic Stack security features enable you to lock down your Elasticsearch cluster and secure all in and outbound communication.


Official Link : https://training.elastic.co/learn-from-home?elektra=home&storm=sub2

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