[GET] Download Windows, Office and other Products directly from Microsoft Free



Is this Licences software?
Is this Pre Activated?

is this pre-activated or just a download site?

Its original untouched microsoft products directly from their servers. You have to activate it yourself.

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Does anyone have any solution on how to set default application in Windows 10 because whenever I make Chrome as default it reverts and make Edge as default

Yes @omi you can do that in windows 10 settings only.
Settings → Apps → Default Apps

You can then set what ever you want to.

Let me know if it worked for you :slight_smile:

I tried that but still, after some time it reverts to Edge

Please discuss this in other thread.
Please do not mix contents and lets keep this community clean organized and relevant.

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what is the main purpose of this site?

@Syed_Bilawal_Bukhari It’s written in the title of this thread already. Go through that you’ll get your question answered :slight_smile:

I cannot download some insider software from here
if anyone find the way
then plz let me know