[GET] Canva.com Unlimited Subscription Without Credit Card

Bin 531978
First visit namso-gen.com
Then goto
Sign up with random names
Site : https://www.canva.com/
Go to Pricing
then Buy a plan you get 30 days trail


Not working for me

Can you explain more how to do ? Do I create an account first or not ?
Thanks !

create account first or new account it works for all

Okay thanks. Which plan do i choose ? monthly or yearly plan.

I have the same question.

it’s asking me about monthly or yearly plans :sweat_smile: what should i select ?

Could you pls elaborate? What is this Bin thing? If you could pls give us step by step procedure for some of us that would be really really helpful. Thanks.

:grimacing: select any it will work but for free trail only

Sorry Bro but it don’t work. I tried 3 differents cards in diferent plan but still don’t work.

Thanks for your reactivity and your desire to share nice thing with community.


531978 try now cuz bins get dead sometimes


Okay i will try and i will keep you informed later. Thanks !

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Thanks a bundle! It worked fine.:star_struck:


Thanks a lot. It worked.

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thanks this 531978 bin worked great

Thanks man it worked but will this be free or whether we have to pay after 1 month of use ?

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Your credit card was declined.


All the best

Title is misleading,as you need credit card :thinking:which is the namso-gen bin generator.

it worked, but I don’t know when will it end.

how do we get working CC bins for Canva aside from the one being provided here?

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