[GET] BINs & Premium Accounts (Cookies) + Bonus Content

Thank you @waseemsofficial Bhai

Thanks man i download in envato elements a ramadan video for the school.


Hey Brother why dont you attempt to get into envato grapicriver or themes just saying because you are are very good at this job.

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thx for the frist cookie

Skillshare Premium Cookies for 16.04.2021


Thread closed. No more public updates. It was a great pleasure to help out people and a big thanks to administration who allowed me to carry on. I am not joking, I am big fan of admins, they replied every time and allowed me to do so. Reason in main topic why I choose to close thread. Have a Happy times, It was a great journey. If I would like to carry on I shall announce in thread to DM me to get into private chat update. I already has discussed with @SaM about private thread. Hoping for best. :love_you_gesture:


Bunch of virgins actually made this guy lose his temper and stop updating. Thanks, assholes.

Exactly, Most of them just do this for fun. They don’t knew the actual hard work Waseem is doing to Update us regularly.

you were doing really a hard work bro. the bins that you shared were useful. sad to know that this topic is officially closed. if possible please bring it back or add few people in the private post. I could support you by only giving thanks. have a nice time dear brother.

Thank you Waseem Sir, You have been a very loyal contributor to onehack family. I was checking for this thread daily, and to be truthful I was checking onehack because of your thread. Inshallah God Bless You. If possible, Add me to your private thread too. I would be grateful to be there. But again, thank you and love you man! I understand there is no way you can stop these sick and ugly minded peoples who want to have ownership of the resource they get for free.

How sad that there are still dumb people who kept doing this to your account/s. If only we can grab his/her neck [email protected]! we would But anyway since you have been decided already then we should have to accept that even though it’s hard for us who did nothing wrong just to use it occasionally. If there is a possibility to change your mind and update it in a private thread please add me there Thank you! and God bless us all

There are some good and bad people in this world, bad people ruins good people life sometimes. I was checking everyday onehack for the cookies you are great man and helped a lot of people here. I would be pleased to add me to private thread if it possible. and Thank You for all the giving you are great Man.

You should charge some nominal fee for your hard work.

Agreed, Try to make a private thread here. Only Invite Genuine people & charge something normal.

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It saddens me to see that this thread is closing because of idiots who try ruin everything. I always check this thread daily and use some of those sites for my school works. You have been a great help for me and thank you again for the huge contribution.


Woah people are really greedy and weird af with changing passwords and all. I watched a lot of good courses in skillshare thanks to you Waseem, really appreciate your help hope u decide to do a private thread.

I wonder why people are so greedy here. We should enjoy the benefits without affecting the original source. @waseemsofficial I would vote for private thread.

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I do not think those who are trying to take over these accounts really know how this works. And yes they are selfish, greedy and so on. I have been using the EnvatoElements cookies for a day or two and I had to stop as the cookies expired randomly due to logout. A private group might be a step forward - so I am looking forward to it!


Canva Education INVITE LINK - LINK

Looking forward for the private group! Thank you for your time

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