Get Astra pro and essential bundle( 499$) in exchange for review on fiverr

PM me, please
Hi, guys, hope you are doing well. I am Razu, I am a level 1 seller on Fiverr. My gig got down on Fiverr for some reason and now I really need some good reviews, so I have this offer for you:
Get Astra pro and essential bundle( 499$) with the license for Lifetime in exchange for a review on Fiverr.
it’s original, not GPL or cracked. Here’s the proof:
Thank you

Note: please keep in mind that to order on fiverr, you have to order first. min(5$)


I’ll review you for it. PM me

I will do a review send me a message.

I will review for you pm me


I would really like to review you.
Please pm me

I can really benefit from the bundle.
Interested in providing a feedback :slight_smile:


Please send PM. I can draft a nice review buddy

Please send me PM.I will post a review for you.

Sorry i find it unethical , boosting positive reviews in such way ! Sounds tricky !

Not cool !


I am an unethical person…please PM me and I will give you a five star review.

intrested, please PM me

i am interested. tell me how to do it.

i am interested

I will do this task for you. pm me your Fiverr gig link.

Hi, i will do it…

i like tooo

I can give you the bet review! Give me the details :slight_smile:

I am in! PM details, I will make you look like a rockstar!

Send me pm with instructions and i will review it for you :wink: