[GET] Alternative Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website


Alternative Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website


Thank a bunch sir!

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Why i didn’t see “Enroll” button ?

Depends on which browser you use. If enroll button is Missing add to cart then check out and finally enroll. You don’t have to pay as this is :100: percent free coupon.

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Can you tell me what happen?

Same problem here
I’m using Google Chrome :zipper_mouth_face:


Guys that’s not you business. It’s totally udemy’s problem regarding style sheet. But why are you bother about enroll button. The fact is you can enroll it either through add to cart procedure or through enroll button. In either case you don’t need to pay. Thats all.


Good course :+1:

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just push “Add to cart button”, then U’ll see Checkout page with $0,00 amount and checkout button. After pushing “Checkout” button U’ll see Enroll button. Thats the way udemy works now.
Its works, dont be afraid of buttons :slight_smile:


Not totally udemy’s problem. Browser also responsible to some extent. Browser job to render CSS properly. If you use dolphin browser you still can see enroll button below add to cart. However our motto is to get courses for free. Does not matter where enroll button appear.


Thanks AG.

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Thank you bro. still coupon is working

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thanks a lot

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thank u so much

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thanks sir!

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