Get a Private ⭐ Scribd Premium account + Mubi + CuriosityStream + Pandora Plus + TuneIN Premium + CONtv And More with 1 year subscription I Direct Subscription $12 only! (90% off) I Paypal, Bitcoin

Possible to do same for Icerbox Premium count ?

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That sounds good. I am interested in the 5 year plan, please.


Hii @Tiny_Tim Kindly check your inbox for proceeding further thank youu!

Thank you @Yaho_Sensei. One of the best offers here, top seller! :heart:

Great Deal People, Given more than i expected Thank you @Yaho_Sensei


Genuine account. Thanks for it . I subscribed for 1 year without much hassles. Thanks again

Announcement!!Pandora Plus and TUNEIN Premium
are also now included on your Scribd Premium Subscription with no additional cost! :heart:


interested pm me thanks

Sure bro, kindly check your inbox thank you :blush:

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thank you so much @Yaho_Sensei 3 years Scribd subscription super worth it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Pm me…iam interested

@Yaho_Sensei I’m interested plz share payment details.

Sure! Kindly check your inbox please thank you :blush:

I just checked Pandora and it says restricted for my country, If I buy your item, will it work ?


You can use a VPN to get those, i think any VPN platform will do
i use a Cracked Vpn Software, i can give it to you if you want


@Yaho_Sensei pm me for payment details thank

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. The seller is quite cooperative. Unfortunately, I lost my native SCRIBD account throughout the procedure for unexplained reasons.
As a result, it is preferable to purchase a custom account and then alter its email address and other personal information via settings if desired. I received a 5-year account. It takes around a day to create an account. Happy buying. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for the account delivered immediately, purchased a 5 years subscription account seller is very accommodating and funny lol! will purchase again soon! :heart_eyes:

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thanks for this wonderful offer @Yaho_Sensei!
Very good person, he even gave me free additional 4 months subscription to my subs
so cool :relaxed:

I am interested, Please pm me

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