Get a Private ⭐ Scribd Premium account + Mubi + CuriosityStream + Pandora Plus + TuneIN Premium + CONtv And More with 1 year subscription I Direct Subscription $12 only! (90% off) I Paypal, Bitcoin

$12 only! (90% off) Get a Private Scribd Premium account + Mubi + Pandora Plus + TuneIN Premium + CuriosityStream + CONtv And More with 1 year with validity I

Direct Subscription :star:

This is not a cracked account / BINS nor shared using cookies or any chrome extension to multiple users. It’ll have your own email & password + their premium plan will start from the date of purchase. You & only you will have access to it as you can change all the details


1 year - $12

2 years - $20.99

3 years - $30.99 (Limited Stocks)

4 years - $39.99 (Limited Stocks)

5 years - $49.99 (Limited Stocks)

:star:Message me here if interested

Delivery Time: 2 Minutes - 12 Hours (depends if i have a stock)

Requirements: Email ID (New or Existing)

Payment Method: *Paypal and BTC accepted!

:white_check_mark: @SaM Confirmed
:white_check_mark: Refund Will be given only if failed to provide the account.
:white_check_mark: We can do a 6 years - 10 years plan also ( this will take like a 2 whole days to deliver)
:white_check_mark: Paypal fee of $0.65 is to be paid by the customer itself.


Vouch for @Yaho_Sensei, Thank you So much for the account brother.

Working fine :heart: 100% recommended

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So let me know what to do? How much are is the two or 5 year plan as well. Thank you!

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Suree! Kindly check your inbox sir/ma’am for proceeding further :blush:

Great Deal, works 100%. Thank you…

Vouch received, trusted seller :heart:


Thank youu for your purchase! :pleading_face:

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Which devices can i watch curiosity and mubi? android tv?

Its an account subscription based so you can watch them anywhere
You can watch them on your Android tv/ Apple tv, Android/apple, Laptop/ Computer (Mac and Win)


Please post price of 2 - 5 years also
Good deal here


oh sure here it is:
1 year - $12
2 years - $20.99
3 years - $30.99
4 years - 39.99
5 years - 49.99

again its a direct subscription not a BIN or cracked one :blush: :+1:

Hey @Yaho_Sensei,
I can surely use a scribd account. let me know next steps

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Hii @mikeross ! Kindly check your inbox for proceeding further thank youu!

Pm’ed u please answer about the purchase…

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Just got the account. Vouch for @Yaho_Sensei .
This is a great deal people.:heart_eyes:

Hii @vishalkaushik! Kindly check your inbox for proceeding further thank youu!

@Yaho_Sensei pm me please

Pm sent sir @Jordan_Pope kindly check thank youu

Thank you!


Interested with your offer, plz how to do ?


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