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Hello everyone
I am new web developer and i’m looking for projects to build my profile. I will design and develop a free website that contains:-

  • 1 - 3 pages
  • Custom design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Static website
  • SEO friendly

Note that I’ll not provide any domain or web hosting. And it is not a WordPress website. Maybe in future I’ll do a WordPress also.

For the website I will need.

  1. Logo
  2. Pictures
  3. Contact
  4. About and other text

Note that if you don’t provide any of requirements I’ll you dummy content.

You can also share you idea with me and I’ll try my best to design it to you expectations.

I’ll take a limited number of projects and i’ll chose only unique ones.
I’ll take my time to develop the project so no rush please(that doesn’t mean i’ll take a year to develop your project)

Please check my Patreon (It is not for donations. You don’t need to donate anything) and suggest me how I can make i better(It’s very ugly I know that) also my fiverr gigs (again you don’t need to buy anything it for for suggestions) inside my Patreon account.

You can add me on telegram

Or on discord

or on Instagram

Thank you
Jagroop Virk


OK. Shall we deposit our project here ?
What languages do you cover ?
Are the about and contact pages part of the 3 pages ?

I will only make in english.
and yes contact and about are included.

That’s just a single page for free. Great. I want to see how thé site would look. Interrested

Send me the details and I’ll try my best

OK. Thanks

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