[GET] A Free Course and A Cryptocurrency Scholarship

Hey 1Hackers!

So, I discovered this platform, BitDegree, which is very similar to Udemy, and has a many of the same instructors providing the same courses over there. However, they have new instructors and courses too, and you should definitely check it out, they provide a lot of free courses.

Note:- I do not, in any way, endorse or promote this platform, I have just provided a guide to a new platform, a possible opportunity to learn something new and earn some cryptocurrency in the process.

They’re running a new competition for enthusiastic and interested students. You apply to be funded by their sponsors for a single course from their huge list of a variety of courses. Writing a good application is totally up to you, and if you do it right, the sponsor will fund your course fees. Then, you will be given a deadline until which you should complete the course. They will provide you with a certificate of achievement for it, and if you finish it by the required deadline, you will also be awarded a cryptocurrency scholarship, which will be in BDG Tokens(their own decentralized currency) which can be converted to Ethereum.

You need to have an ETH wallet set up and running to be able to accept the scholarship

The scholarship landing page - https://www.bitdegree.org/scholarships

Even if you are not able to finish the course by the deadline, you will have been funded for the course, so you will be able to earn the certificate. Since all the courses are self-paced(make sure to check though) you will definitely have enough time to try and wrap it up.

Also, they provide a bunch of courses for free, which you might want to check out.
They have a unique series of totally Interactive Courses, which are designed with a make-it-as-you-learn-it practical approach, and have specifically designed web applications to help you understand that topic. Some of them are free, like the "Space Doggos - Interactive Learning Solidity Course For Beginners".

Keep learning and ping me if you encounter any questions.
Cheers and Good Luck! :muscle: