[GET] 100GB Cloud Storage Free

After many tests Google drive, DropBox, Mega etc, I found a provider that simply gives 100GB storage and that free!
I tested it for 1 year now because I was skeptical at first, but hey it works! I wanted to share that with you, so just register and that was it, you don’t have to make any payments or enter your CreditCard.

Register and get started



Can I save personal files in it??
Is it forever or not??

Site doesn’t seems reliable


Yeah. I think too.

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The maximum file size is 100 MB so just a heads up.


Thank so much about this information . But can you tell me what company build this cloud storage , because i search in google but no information

If you disable download option for pdf documents anyone can download …However i find this same as bearlo cloud same look … i putted my important files on bearlo cloud … it also giving 100gb after 3 months later automatically id deleted … all of my files just gone …Even in playstore they given the fake contact mail…
So i suggest not to put any important files in this types of cloud drives …
Anyway thanks bro .

Hello Community,

The project has been going on for almost a year now and is always very well attended. Since it is fully automatic and we didn’t really think that many people outside showed so much interest in it, we will try hard to work more on it. We have now added privacy-policy, about us, terms-of-service. The project was created on the basis of WAF.TO, since we offer cloud.waf.to as a gift for every product, of course you do not have to be our customer to use the service free of charge. If you have any questions, please write to [email protected], we will provide you with information as good as possible.
Have fun with 100 GB storage and stay healthy :slight_smile:



hello @wafto , i have a question : when ever i untick no one can download my documents then why doesn’t it works …If anyone put users not download available option then why pdf files are still downloading by others?? Another problem is document files view option is not available , you can’t view the file like gdrive, onedrive, box…
Please solve these issues …
It will be grateful if you answer these problems .

is it safe?
i want to save confidential files!

Don’t give your emails. It is a trap. Registration fails. When you click activation.

if it’s free then how do they earn money ??? think about it… :thinking:

yes its not

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I can say few things first
I will use like slider
i will slide to max evil:-
they will allow you to upload later if u want to download they will charge money.
they sell your data
i will slide to max angel
they believe cloud storage is basic need for every citizen and group of people setting up where they may be part of big organisation :slight_smile:

Slide to middle:-

They are researcher who made this project as R&D where they used to find loop holes or testing their cloud hosting project :slight_smile:

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Will try. Doesn’t need much data to register, just email and email confirmation. Sharing of files is available. Haven’t tested the max size of file, but will monitor and leave account only for testing and not personal purposes. We’ll see if it last.
Thanks for sharing.

The domain no longer exists. the website is dead

May be, They just want our files . Hope no one upload private pictures or important files