[GET] 1 Year Free WordPress Hosting

​​:beginner:Get 1 Year Free WordPress Hosting!:beginner:

:white_check_mark: Use Promocode : iblogger
:white_check_mark: Choose Starter Plan.
:white_check_mark: Verified By Me.
:white_check_mark: No Credit/Debit Card Required.

Link: https://clickserver.in/


please share steps

Go here .
Add domain >>Fill details >> Enter promocode >>checkout

Do we need VPN, the website is not display ing at my side

I don’t think so.

It says this site is not accessbible
Can’t find clickserver.in 's server IP


The Web site seems to be offline, whatsmydns can’t find any IP associated to this domaines.

“No Credit/Debit Card Required.” It requieres some kind of payment even with the promotional code

“No items to qualify your discount yet”
What is the qualified domain?

It worked. Thank you

How did you manage to get to it…

It’s working now but only the hosting is free. No domain.

Thanks Worked for me!

Thank you very much. It’s working.

What steps did you do? I can’t find it. I already registered but I can’t find the option

Add domain >>Fill details >> Enter promocode >>checkout

As I can see just the hosting is free, not the domain

It’s working. thank you

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Working. Thanks a lot.

Yes.and you’ve to pay the domain name or to give them a domain name if you’ve one.

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Not working Coupon Expired