Geolocation I believe


I am using NordVPN. Usually, everything works superb, but there is something that does not work that great with me (I am not much advanced).

  1. I could not access Disney plus using the American servers. I managed to enter a British one (which is good. But why not American?).
  2. I can only play some of the BBC iPlayer series.
    I searched for a solution here and on Reddit. My thinking is that maybe I could change my DNS or use a proxy (socks)? I feel attracted to DNS number (didn’t set it up yet, can I do it in NordVPN, or should I do it in Windows?)
    Earlier I also wanted to sign up for the New York e-library card but failed because they require a geolocation check, which I failed.
    I checked standard test, and it shows London, UK (which is great, but it does not help).
    What can I do with it? Could you help?

Find proxy server in New York. NordVPN has New York location (if I remember correctly)

  • DNS is not a proxy
  • You used British VPN, it is indeed they display London, UK.
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Hi, thanks for your answer.

I was using a New York server for SimplyE (New York library). I ckecked my IP and indeed I was there exactly.
I know there is something more needed. They require to allow geolocation when they check. I tried to use Hola fake geo on Android, but it does not work with me… My mobile cannot be rooted, I think.

I can play some things on BBC iPlayer, I cannot play some, because they say I am not in the UK. I checked that my IP location is in the UK. My DNS shows UK as well.

I know these websites are more protected against VPN users. But I thought that maybe there are some “walk” arounds (workarounds).

To be honest, for me it is not primarly that I need these things. I am just eager to find a solution. I want to learn a new thing.

You may check the location with your WAN IP first e.g. VPN IP you received once connected.

Although the VPN said you’re connected with New York server, the server might not be in New York as always.

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You are right, I wondered the same. Many times NordVPN was connecting me with New Jersey. I found the right one in the New York ( but unfortunately, they detect the right thing. Maybe by Java Script, or something

maybe by GPS in this case (and they require location for the time of registration)

I think its due to the fact NordVPN gets hammered and some of there ips get blacklisted. Try connect again to USA servers or do a quick connect and choose 1 of the 4 locations in USA again and see if that works. Im sure if you try connecting a couple of times you will get a different ip and you may be in luck. As ive had a time were ive been on Netflix and its said VPN detected so i disconnected from USA and tried another USA location and it worked no problem.

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Yeah, BBC blacklists some IPs. Thanks :wink:

You are right, Dunamisss, I switched to ProtonVPN for a while and experimented with different servers. I took the quite busy one (97%) and it turned out I could actually play some shows I was not able earlier. It works for BBC