⭐ Genuine Rank Math SEO Business License Only @ 4$/Year [98% OFF] | 10+ Sold

Well, I Don’t Need To Tell You How Awesome Rank Math Is if you are into WordPress!

Basically, it is the Best SEO Plugin Out there which you can cross-check just by Googling or Reading an in-depth comparison from their official Site- HERE

I know not everyone here is into WordPress But if you are amongst the chosen one then you truly understand what I offer here at this amazing price is Bang For Your Bucks!


  • As the title says you will receive genuine RankMath Business activation on your domain with just $5
  • You can compare the RankMath Pro vs Business plans here for yourself.
  • The official price is $199, and you’ll get it for just $5, so that’s blazing 98% cheaper
  • Validity will be 1 year


Crypto(Any) , Paypal (Friends & Family Preferred), UPI


1 Website - 7$ 5$

3 Websites - 15$ 13$

5 Websites- 25$ 18$


  1. RankMath SEO Business licensed website.
  2. You will receive the direct updates of RankMath whenever new version releases, no need to rely on other sources.
  3. Your Business license will last for 1 year, if you’d like to continue after that then you can pay me again after that period. Even if you don’t renew later you’ll be able to continue using the Business license benefits, but you won’t receive the update after 1 year if you don’t renew.
    • Indirectly you are supporting the Awesome RankMath Developers
    • The Official price is 199$ but you are getting this at a very discounted Price!
    • Official Rankmath Business Features - HERE
      CONTENT AI is 1Credit/1$

And the Most Important Perk



  1. Once I’m done with activation on your domain, there won’t be any Refund unless u can prove I have not provided you a genuine Rank Math.
  2. If I don’t activate Rank Math on your domain within 48 Hours of your payment you will get the full refund.
  3. All the license activations are solely handled by me, so rest assured of any kind of conflicts or worries.

After the payment, you will have to provide me with Temp Logins of your site for me to Activate Rank Math Pro or I can do via Team Viewer or Zoom.

HAVE SOME QUESTIONS? Drop a Message below or my inbox is always open for ya all!


Nice Deal Bro, You’re Very Smart; Good Luck

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Thanks’s for the Support Bro :smiley:

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Hi I am intersted in buying this deal Please send me the details for payment.

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Hi bro. I want this. PM payment details

Pm Sent to All :cowboy_hat_face:

Just got mine. I’d recommend it to everyone

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Hello, interested kindly PM payment details.

Check your DM Bro

PM me UPI details.

Check your PM Bro

I had a really positive experience within 10 minutes all process was finished.
I recommend @Blaken .

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Legit seller.

Quick delivery.


  • Is it Possilbe Rank Math might ban my domain if I use this ?
  • The plugin zip i will get from Rank Math site or from you ?

Bro, I have the Business Licence Which I can legally use on any of My Client’ Domain…
So NOPE RankMath will not ban you

You will get the plugin from Rank Math’s Site which I will install from my computer or I can do it from your’s as well via Teamviewer

PROOF of RankMath business Account:

Hi sir … i need rank math business for my website please tell me how to pay and also tell me will it be enabled for all my subdomains associated with the main website also or not ???

I have sent a PM.
Also Subdomains are considered as a Different domain when it comes to License Activation of any product so NOPE

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Hi Dear
i want to buy a single account for try, kindly share me payment method, but unable to give me admin control, only possible through zoom, any desk , team viewer or any screensharing app

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Yeah of course… I can activate it via TeamViewer/ Zoom

Very Fast service, thanks bro

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