GDrive View Cloud Videos With any Quality

I Have Used Google collab to download some tutorials from udemy and my files currently in gdrive i want to know that how i can stream my cloud files at low quality (because it consumes my mobile data pretty quickly by the way I downloaded in 1080p resolution) anyway to stream at good quality without wasting my mobile data…

The Google Drive itself provides a video quality panel same as Youtube where you can select desired video quality.

If Udemy videos are downloaded in a single quality as such 720p so I guess there is no easy way to stream at lower quality.


Would you like to share which Course you are trying to stream, as I can try to arrange some coupons or other sites providing the course with low quality?


Can u share me some online course streaming sites like fr udemy/Lynda/skillshare courses!?

when u open a video and idm grabber is visible , somehow i get a less resloution video than the actual size… try it … maybe that will solve ur problem