Earn from $ 5 to $ 50 per day, without investing | EXPLAINED

I’ve seen some posts here about this website, so here is the in detail steps!

I will leave you a method to win cards from Amazon, Steam, G2a, APex Legends, App Store & iTunes, and more.
It is very easy, from $ 5 to $ 50 per day, without investing.

  • Step 1: Register on
  • Step 2: Here I leave the image so you could see how it works.

    (1) The points that I currently have. I have less because I have already taken 5 cards from Amazon.

    (2) The points that people donate to you if the video is good. It is not necessary that the video is your property, you can upload videos from YT.

    (3) The points you earn every time you watch the “video”

Step 3: Here comes where I tell you how to earn easy money.

Currently everything I have won I have taken “watching videos” but really is not so hehe.

What I do is use Autohotkey scrip reloading the page with a waiting interval of about 8-9 seconds to give me points without needing to be watching videos.

If you upload good videos, people will donate to you.

There is no limit for uploading videos so you can upload enough daily glasses and multiply your earnings easily. Reaching + $ 50 per day without investing anything.

  • Imagine doing this in several VPS would earn about $ 100 per day.

Here is the proof that it really works with Amazon cards…


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Hey! You have to watch your own videos or you can watch any video?

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can u explain how to auto reload page in interval?