From Exposure To Takeover | The 15 Billion Stolen Credentials Allowing Account Takeovers | Full Research


The average person uses some 191 services that require them to enter passwords or other credentials.

That’s a lot to keep on top of, and it presents a huge problem if compromise occurs, particularly if a person uses the same credentials across multiple services.

Over the past 2.5 years the Digital Shadows Photon Research team has been analyzing how cybercriminals conspire to prey upon users of online services by “taking over” the accounts they all use on an everyday basis―for banks, to stream videos or music, for work ― the list goes on.

For this paper we closely examine this ubiquitous problem, including how attackers approach account takeovers (ATO).

Using the Digital Shadows SearchLight™ service, which maintains a database of breached credentials and scours criminal forums for attackers’ trends, data dumps, advertisements and tools, we unearthed some insightful stats:

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