FreePn : OpenSource, Unlimited Bandwidth, Secure VPN

This is something interesting, seems legit to share. I personally used it and had a great speed while browsing.

And Yes, it’s completely free, unlimited bandwidth, secure VPN and most importantly OPEN SOURCE.

:star2: FreePN is the first completely free, completely open network dedicated to protecting your online privacy. Joining the network is easy: just download and install the app. No accounts, no registration, no setup. Once you start the app, you’re already protected. It’s that simple. FreePN’s code is also completely open-source. You don’t have to trust what we say about privacy - you can see for yourself - GitHub.

Check it out here :

Hope you use this to your advantage :slight_smile:


so wats the catch??


Is there a Windows version available anywhere? Only seems to be downloadable for Ubuntu and gentoo. Never even heard of the latter.

This pretty much sums it up:


So by installing & using this, everyone becomes a TOR-like exit node, literally endangering every normal user who has no knowledge of properly securing their computer from potential abuse or misuse. Which is a pretty BIG CATCH!

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


ya figured so.

heard something familiar about another “Free” VPN a few years back.

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