[Free Workshop] 11 Weeks Workshop on Data Structures and Algorithms

Okay so Geeksforgeeks are going to release a DSA workshop/course (check out the specifics here ) that is free of cost as long as you have an invitation, many people have been looking for this invitation code I happen to have a couple of them so if one doesn’t work hmu.

Steps :

  1. Go to the above mentioned link , and sign up
  2. Hit the register button
  3. Fill up all details necessary
  4. Enter invitation code : GFG205IV4
    (YES that’s a capital ‘i’) please enter the code as it is.

PS: Unless I’m mistaken the first lecture would begin today at 6 pm IST . Make sure you’re registered upto and before that point.

PS PS : Completion Certificate will be given. Also you will have access to various exams and contests after you register. The timings and all relevant details will be available once you’re in.
Here’s the link to their introductory video you may raise further queries here.

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manh thank you sooo much. GeeksForGeeks <3

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Yeah registered. But it’s gonna be on YouTube I guess? So what’s the point of registering?

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Great. It works. Thanks.

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only the first couple lectures will be there i guess the assignments and exams require registration tho