Free website plugins. Should you use it?


I finally was able to create my very first WordPress website. It’s a website that offers video editing services. I would like to thank 1Hack because I got my free 1 year webhosting service from one of the posts here. I bought my domain name through namecheap for 2 years so it’s cheap really. So far so good. I don’t have money because I lost my job since the start of Pandemic.

I see a number of websites like and the likes that offers free wordpress plugins and templates. My question is, can I use these plugis on my websites? whar if wordpress updates it’s version will I still be able to use the plugins and templates? how about security? Can you please enlighten me on this. Thanks!


You can go with … this type of service with GPL license. All files are original.

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I like to help you to come out with it. If you are interested to use Divi themes, let me know. I am life time member with elegant theme.


I do not suggest using nulled themes as they almost always have malware in them.

I suggest buying a GPL vault subscription like, which offers you 3000+ legit premium themes and plugins at $10/month.

Even I have their subscription, let me know if you want any theme or plugin, I can share it with you for free.


can you teach me or tell me what is NULLED THEME OR HOW CAN I FIND OUT THAT THEME IS NULLED?

Thank you so much. I will read all these. Thanks again!

What is a GPL license?

Hey, i’m curious as to how to you got 1 year of free hosting service?
I’m planning to create a website of my own.

The promo is no longer available. It was offered by a small web hosting company in India and their promo is over.

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Thank you so much.

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what website was it? if you don’t mind me asking?
and how much did the domain name cost?

General Public License. WordPress is opensource and everything built for WordPress is Opensource. If we pay for any plugin/theme means we paying for Updates/Support. You can use theme/plugin without updates/support.


Now I understand it. Thank you so much.

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Nulling a theme means editing the code in such a way that it’s paid features work without activation or license key, basically the cracked version.

You cannot always find out. Some plugins are easy to null and show no signs that can help you detect. Others are more secure, if the paid features are working but the plugin or theme still asks for license key, it’s nulled.

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