Free Unlimited Webhosting by HosterGround, Inc

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HosterGround, Inc. Provides Free Unlimited Webhosting

  1. choose “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” (here you need to use your own domain
  2. Choose Billing Cycle : Monthly
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    100% Discount
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Thank you for the info @Perino_Garang
Just want to confirm, it will be free for the first month, and then will need to pay for the next month, right?

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How long is the Free Unlimited Webhosting?

Hey, is this free for 1 month only?

It is just a scam. Don’t waste your time .
It’s not working.


I’ve tried it just now and it works. Not sure what didn’t work for you.

To answer others yes it is only for 1 month and there after monthly billing.

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It’s not for only 1 month. Just select the option for 3 year payment and use that code. And you will get it for 3 years! I got mine twice. One for me and another for one of my friends.

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We get discount only when we select monthly. When I select triennially, I do not get discount


Then they might have fixed it. I applied as soon as this was posted here!

site not load

First Come and First Deserve I Guess. :smiley:

Topic Updated.


The promotion code entered has expired

there are new coupons you can visit the website you will get the new coupons or contact [email protected]

Hello Friends,

  1. Visit
  2. choose shared hosting then choose “DELUXE Plan” and click “Add To Cart”.
    3)Choose “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” (put your own domain just change nameservers with our nameservers)
    4)Use this promo code: RAMADANHOSTING2K20
    you will get 100% discount and 6 months free hosting . enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:
    Contact Us on [email protected]

now iam not getting why

code expired?
Can I get a new Code?

is there any updtae here?

It’s not working. Visited the page. Showing

This domain is for sale!

Company does not exists till now

yep its saying that given link domain is for sale lol