Free RDP/VM for lifetime

Guys check out oracle cloud free tier -

they offer lifetime free 2 virtual machines with 1/8 OCPU and 1 GB memory each.

However a cc is required for sign up, if someone knows a bin please share it with others, thanks


so basically two tiers one with 300$ credits to use and other lifetime free… although VM configuration is very low. 1GB RAM.

indeed but its free for life, dont think there are any other sites which provides atleast a 512mb machine for 5 years

Signed up.thanks.
Paid machines are very good.
Free ones are not too bad. Bandwidth is low though.
Bit of a learning curve. Still trying to open a port to try wireguard.

virtual cc with zero balance worked or not?

not working

Money getting deducted & Same was reversed by them in seconds

However unable to complete the payment - Showing some payment error, even tried with different cards

wont work, it charges the $1 for authorization

interesting, try emailing them maybe

there is no reason for it to not work bro, its not a trick nor hack. its a legit service, something must have gone wrong with your payment setup

It works and I got my account.
With credits.
Charge reversed in seconds.

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thanks a lot. I feel its very useful for beginners to learn about cloud and self hosting and managing simple applications