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FreeRDPServer is a subsidiary of Database TargetBird LLC, focusing on web hosting and cloud service hosting. This particular focus provides professional and reliable hosting services and first-class technical support.

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FreeRDPServer free server test IP : Data center: Google Cloud

How to access RDP on Windows?
On a local Windows PC: In the search box on the taskbar, enter “Remote Desktop Connection” and then select “Remote Desktop Connection”. In Remote Desktop Connection, enter the server IP of the PC you want to connect to, and then select Connect. All RDPs on FreeRDPServer are delivered instantly and securely.


Indian RDP takes longer to setup… Also has connection issues…

Best Recommended : USA Server (Instant Setup - 2min)

Instructions :


i created one but i can’t login. i says invalid credentials. What to do? :confused:

same here… i tried copying password from email as well from client area… but not able to login…
username is same : FreeRDPServerus

You have to wait some time for setup, i think…
I tried after 20min when i got mail…
Its a free service, so i guess it take time…

It’s scam i think. Ip username and pass is same for everyone.
Host :
Username : FreeRDPServerus

Right? xD


yup… same here…

I think he is earning money using referral code. Please be careful.

that link doesnt look like referral link

what’s the catch behind giving free rdp server ??

So i think i figured it out. This website is giving same rdp to every free user which i mentioned above (and it’s not working) and as you can see on website you can get “non-shared” rdp by referring. So that’s the catch here.

it seems Main and USA server IP is same.

USA user login information is invalid
Main Server Had many login user and can not use RDP

All other France, netherland,india , ect had same Ip address and it seems this site had fake RDP services.

All locations are same and login credentials for all users are same.

Ram,CPU,HDD not Real.

Host :

Username : FreeRDPServerIndia

**Password : JLDnc:P-------

no i dont think that i dont have same pass

Hi guys
First of all, thank you very much for sharing the infos
I also get the RDP just to learn.
1- I used my real name, my real email phone and adress.
2- I get a different IP and also different password.

So as is not to use for some important job, is ok

Update info
The server only works in first moment.
It does not work yesterday later
I ask for a friend to setup one and it does not work also
the ip is Google so maybe the are setupping a Google Cloud and giving to us.
Anyway is a time less

So I think its Email gathering only.

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It looks like everything is fake here
they are selling information & data
and don’t try the free domain name & free hosting FOR FREE that all scam never works
they just collect data

jmpinto is one of them for sure

sorry for my bad English and don’t create an account

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