Free Netflix Premium For Life ⚡


What do we need?

  1. Email Address
  2. PayPal Account


  • First of all, create an email address; you can use yahoo mail, Gmail,AOL etc. (You can also use )

  • After creating an email you will have to create a PayPal account.

  • In some countries PayPal asks for a credit card, but we will create it without using our credit card.

  • We will create a Canadian PayPal account.

  • Search on google PayPal Canada or go here

  • Click on Sign Up and create an account

  • Create a Personal Account, not Business

  • Put fake information

  • Address “Broadway”

  • CAP 91761


City “Ontario”

Number Phone “(111) 111-1111”

  • Then create the account

  • It will ask to link a card, we just click on “I’d rather link my bank account first” and then “I’ll link my bank account later”

  • Now go to the email address you created before and confirm the account

  • We are ready to go on Netflix

  • Go to Netflix and click on “Join Free For A Month”

  • Chose Premium plan and click on continue, register an account with the email you created before and you are using on PayPal.

  • It will ask to choose a payment method, you will choose PayPal (Before choosing PayPal make sure that you are logged on to your PayPal account)

  • Then you will see a PayPal page, click on “Agree and continue” then you will be redirected on Netflix, click on “Start Membership Pay After Free Month”

  • Now, go on PayPal>Settings>Payments>PreapprovedPayments and cancel Netflix Payment.

Well, you have got a Premium Netflix Account.


As mentioned above, I just found it nulled by JoyfulMr and shared it here, does this still work or not, I did not test it so far, kindly try and use it, else, Leave the page alone if it doesn’t work for you anyhow!!


did this work for anyone?Thanks

I will test if it works. I gotta watch the NWH trailer first.

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PayPal Limited…

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In first stage ask for mobile no

Sam how get rid off mobile no?

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need card details

Interesting and waiting for someone who is fast with testing :heart_eyes:

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I tried but it is asking for phone number

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I have created email, PayPal account, Netflix. But there is no option for Start Membership Pay After Free Month. So no payment transaction is proceeding.

netflix has cancelled the free 30 day trial so not sure this will work


Use this instead to make paypal account:

Also use VPN and connect it to United States (if you not in the united states)

Btw netflix has removed 30 days trial so not gonna work


need Credit Card for Netflix Payment

Netflix removed 30 day trial bruh do you not read my full message?

If you want virtual credit card information here is the tutorial: CreditCard Tutorial

Also just remember this will take you a long time to get the correct bins and likely most of them will not work