[FREE] How to get 10 USD Steam giftcards!

It is not false!
It really works.

Step 1:
Register for the site: https://fruitlab.com/ref/2ftkJ4qM (USING MY LINK,YOU’LL GET 100 EXTRA POINTS.)
Non Ref link: https://fruitlab.com/

Step 2:
Verify your account using either a real phone number

Step 3:
Go to: https://fruitlab.com/user-profile and copy your referral link.

The earnings are fast, you can distribute content but you can use their ref system as well to easily obtain the required points. Weekly prepaid cards of 20 euro/dollar are not uncommon

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i was trying your methode and i like to say few things
1- you cant use fake emails because they are banned i tried diffrent web apps to create temp emails but they failed , so i continue using a test gmail
2-this hushed app have nothing free anything you want you must pay for it
i download it now and its infront of me now tested.

i dont know how i will try this 20 times if i have 1 phone number