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Welcome to the innovative VoIP call service provided by Globfone. You are no longer required to create an account to place a free calls to both landlines and mobile phones.

You need not worry about the rise in bill even as you call phone through Globfone as it is a free service. Now connect to any phone on this planet conveniently and communicate your message without any disturbance through this advanced calling system. Call mobile at any time during the day without worrying about call rates as you can stay connected to one and all through a simple yet effective calling service.

Satisfaction of users is given high priority, which is why you will experience and derive joy from the fact that you can call phone local, national or international through your computer. The number of calls and their duration is limited for an IP address. After this limit has been exceeded, a call can only be placed when the next 24 hours begin. Let’s get started, follow these steps mentioned below and place a call through Globfone right now.

  • Step 1 – Use in appropriate Internet browser

Globfone webphone is really unique because it’s FREE and truly cross platform. This is achieved by using multiple different SIP/media engines, suitable for all platform, including:
Java VoIP engine – runs in all java enabled browsers, WebRTC – runs in all modern browsers, Flash VoIP: for compatibility with some old browsers.

  • Step 2 – Permission dialogue box

If the right plug-in/technology is not fully supported by your browser, an error message is shown and an option to go to its official website to ensure complete functionality. Your browser may ask for permission to use mic and speakers or the Java application of Globfone WebPhone. A checkbox is provided at the bottom of this dialog box, mark it if you do not want this dialog box to show up the next time you use this service. The next time you place a call through the amazing services of Globfone; this application will start quickly without any delay.

  • Step 3 – Audio devices

Turn on speakers / headset and a microphone. Make sure all audio devices are connected properly and working.

  • Step 4 – Call phone – use country list

Now if everything is in order, you will notice a country list on right side of the screen. Enter the phone number using your keyboard. You can call mobile or call phone landline so enter the number of the phone you want to call. Enter the number using the international phone number format, by placing respective country code followed by the phone number to which a call will be placed.

  • Step 5 – Back to Start

The process of dialing is started by Globfone and a counter also appears on your screen to show time duration for which you can stay on this call. Call length depends on various factors – one of them is destination cost and popularity. Clicking on a red ‘Hang up’ button ensures your call has been disconnected.

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thanks @SaM awesome article

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I’m not getting anything :zipper_mouth_face:

Will be very usefull in situations where there is very less mobile network , thanks for sharing , keep rocking ! :slight_smile:

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Use appropriate browser bro , I just tried and it works like a charm but call got ended in 37seconds but thats ok cos I can deliver some short,important msg in 37 seconds


Thanks. It really works :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn’t work for me. Keep telling “Invalid number”.

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it’s working !!!


Works! How I wish talking time will be longer. Thanks Sam!


I receive this message “MAX CALL PER ID EXCEED”. What does that mean?

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I’m on Chrome then which the appropriate browser exist in this world !

Then u need to enable java,mic or give appropriate permission for the browser ,it works , I tried in firefox cos thats my main browser , it should work in Chrome too

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To prevent abuse, there is an upper limit to the number of free calls and SMSes available to a single IP address during a 24 hour period. When this limit is reached, the user is alerted of the same and requested to wait another 24 hours before trying to use our free services again. Further, there is a call time cap that is call specific and visible when we’re ready to place your call.

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