Free Education is just a joke


Please edit the title… I have got free education and knowledge from this website head and teammates. Please mention specifically!!!


@SaM and other Members of this forum have contributed Gold mine of Valuable Information. Just because one person has done; it doesn’t mean that this site fails to endorse " Free education."


This is a scammer’s thread and that’s a scammer in our forum. This member is trying to scam the forum so to avoid this, so this post is created to identify the scammer.

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The person name is mentioned in the image provided by Lukas_wasetp. Thus as you asked mentioned in the image the name.

First of all, Remember, Those lectures no longer allowed here, If anyone request or push it, they may get banned.

Guys, Don’t flag or Report anything, this topic has a purpose to go on.

Different peoples, different countries, different minds, different thought, different colors, different plans to sell things, and in the end Opinions are welcome from anywhere. So be nice and be kind to each other.

Avoid threat, insulting or hate speech, keep your discussion clean. :blush:

And read my post below that’s the part two of this post.


@Lukas_wasetp you are scammed by @Somil_Tyagi as he mention had the study
material and he wanted to share with other no one did any thing but he is a kind of money minded person that not mean every one is like that.

by the way he is telling lie that he purchased the material as i remember his study material folder which is exact same which was shared once in forum.

@SaM please take action against @Somil_Tyagi who is just a lecher


@Ether_Hack I appreciate your concern buddy, And I already know what he’s trying to sell that’s what which I had shared a while ago in the forum with the help of 2 more members. I cannot name them here.

Look, I feel really sorry a person who Grab things as free and shout it’s worth over 100$ and try to Fool peoples by reducing the charge instead of redirecting them to the place where they got it just as FREE. Somil_Tyagi wasn’t aware of such things and get caught. But as I said, no charges for him for doing it because He took that course from here (Maybe) and It wasn’t our Product to claim it. furthermore, this might be an Official Note for my Sweet members to Please avoid such scams. and report them to me immediately. That’s all. :blush:

But let’s make this Thread a gem, keep going put your thoughts on Education and learning, that would please peoples to get motivated. Cheers!

And I’m thankful to @Lukas_wasetp that he bring this note to my attention. Good one mate!


Yes i don’t get scammed brother :sweat_smile: I just want to share it with all you guys


UPDATED: Keep this kind of discussion In PM. no need to Publish them via Thread.

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