Free ChatGPT-4 For Everyone | No Sign Up Required

Free chat GPT 4 (no login needed)

You must first download and install the “visual studio code” application. Almost everyone has cracked. This is already installed on io; if not, download it from this link:

Once installed, it’s a fairly easy process. Locate “ChatGpt - EasyCode” by going to the extensions tab on the left (if it’s not there, press Ctrl + Shift + X). If you’re having trouble, try this:
Once installed, it ought to appear on the left; just click it and select “try without logging in.”

And presto—in just a few clicks, you can now access free GPT chat! Have fun



Further inputs appreciated. Guess, on MacBook “No Sign Up Required” doesn’t exist. Screen grabs for your perusal. Thank you.

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“try without logging in” not available on PC ( windows 11)


waste of time … no working trick . I am using windows 10 and no option is appearing on the screen regarding the"“try without logging in.”"


If you sign up you get the following;

Rate Limits:

  • GPT-4 / Claude-3-Opus: 5 requests every 4 hours
  • GPT-3 / Claude-3-Haiku: 10 requests every 20 minutes
  • Ask Codebase: 20 requests every month
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thank u , i will try it