Free Azure RDP New Methed | 2021 ⭐

IP: USA | Use a VPN if you are not from the US

Read step by step: -

Go to the cloud academy website and register for a free trial with
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It will ask several questions and give the following answer:

  • What are you trying to achieve: get certified
  • Which best describes your role: Developer
  • Topics you are interested in: Azure, Aws, GoogleCloud
  • Then, after registering, confirm your email. (Important)
  • Next, on the cloud academy dashboard, search for “Login to Amazon Web Services Console” and from the side menu select “Practice Lab”, select a course, and you can select any course that includes an Azure workbench.
  • Then click Start Lab.
  • Then the username and password are displayed
  • Use them to login to

BOOM! You got an Azure subscription.



BIN doesn’t seem to work. Tried with a SOCKS and with RDP, both US.

Working like a charm, you need to verify the bin after generate it, and you can use hola vpn chrome extension, working excelent!!! ty so much!


bin worked but after verify mail i am stuck i dont get in side menu Practice Lab

someone can give BIN generator and working cc checker?

this is the website right?

i have signed up and bin worked fo 7 days trial but
its asks for phone verification
and i dont know further practice lab process