Free And Helpful Countdown Apps For Android Devices


5 Must-Have Countdown App for Android

You have more important things to think about and count down the days of a special event. When planning a wedding anniversary, you need to know how much time you have to buy things such as the cake and make the necessary reservations. To keep track of the time, you can start with this app.

1. Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget is an app that keeps things simple but always has the necessary information. There are some ads in the app, but they are not as intrusive as they may be on other apps. To create your first countdown, tap on the pencil icon, and you’ll come across various options. You can choose from options such as:

  • Date/Time – This is where you add the remaining time until your big day.
  • Phrase – Below the remaining time, you can add a phrase such as ¨Here I come, Cancun!¨.
  • Units – With this option, the app can count how many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and heartbeats are left.
  • Photos – You can add a background image o look at every time you look at the widget. There are various themes to choose from.
  • Font – There is also a long list of fonts to choose from. You can have your countdown look fancy or have a classic look.
  • Color – In the color section, you can change the text and background color for an easier read. You can also use the slider to adjust the color.
  • Slide show – There is also a slideshow option, but you need to upgrade to Premium. It offers a 4 x 4 widget and no ads.
  • Music
  • Reminder
  • Delete

You can create various countdowns, and to view them, tap on the three-lined menu at the bottom left, and you’ll see you have already made countdowns and the option to create a new one. This app has a widget you can add to your home screen, but it does take up a lot of space.

2. Time Until: Countdown and Widget

Time Until: Countdown and Widget have a few things that the previous app doesn’t. You’ll find nicer images to choose from, and when you add an event, you’ll see a repeat option in case the event is recurring. When you add an image, you can adjust it to see your favorite part of the image. You can also use grid view to see all your countdowns at once. In the side menu, you can see the timeline showing how far away your event is.

If you go Premium, you can use features such as no ads, backups, reminders with alarms, unlimited countdowns, and access to all the font styles and colors. Premium will only set you back $7.99. Other options on the app are blurring the background image, dimming the lighting, and changing the text size, color, and font. In the end, there is an option to rotate the background image. When you’re done making all the necessary changes, tap on the Done button at the top.

3. Vacation Countdown App

Your annual vacation time is coming, and there are things like packing that you need to do. The Vacation Countdown app is free and has additional settings that are very useful when getting ready for a trip. When you first open the app asks where you’re going and when. When you tap the save button, the app shows how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left.

At the bottom, you’ll have various icons, such as the emoji icon, that give you access to card games, quiz games, travel news, fun facts, picks of the week, gift shop, and more apps. The quote icon will show you the quote of the day, and the suitcase option will allow you to add a sub-list of the things you need to do for your vacations. For example, you can add things such as packing, buying gifts, etc. Then you have the share, info, and settings icons.

4. Countdown Time – Event Widget

If something about the previous apps didn’t convince you, you could always try Countdown Time Event Widget. The free app allows you to choose from various widget styles to add to your home screen. You can choose from multiple images to add as a background and change it as many times as you want. You can even upload an image from your device as well. You can also apply different fonts to give your countdown clock a look you like.

You can also change the text color and adjust the thickness of the text. You can also use a slider to make the countdown clock as big or small as possible. Effects can be added, and you can choose from options such as outline, shadow, or both. The app also includes a calendar to see all your added events.

5. Countdown Widget

If you couldn’t care less about background images or any additional features and font options, you might want to try Countdown Widget. The free app keeps things very simple when creating your countdown. You can add a widget to your home screen, so there’s no need to open any apps. This app is great when you only want to know how many days are left.

When opening the app, tap on the plus icon at the bottom right to create your first countdown. You’ll need to add information such as:

  • Date
  • Title
  • Colors
  • Recurrence
  • Circle percentage – The circle around the remaining time will decrease as the date gets closer.
  • Count for – Here, you can choose what the widget shows you. You can select from days, weeks, months, years, and auto-selection.
  • Count Selected days – The app can only count the weekdays by checking those days in the options.

There are additional options, but only if you upgrade to Premium. Those options are adding a drop shadow, changing the font, and choosing the direction of the countdown clock.

Adding a Widget to Your Home Screen on Android

If you want to use the widget for the app but can’t remember how to add it, here is what you need to do. Long-press on an area where you want the widget to go and choose the widget option from the list. From through the widgets until you see the app’s widgets. Tap on the one you want to add and drag it in any direction without letting go. You’ll need to swipe to the sides if there are various widgets to choose from.

When you start dragging, the other widgets will disappear, and you’ll see your home screen. Let go on the area where you want it to go. You can resize the widget by dragging the sides when you see the dots around the widget. If you don’t see the dots, long-press on the widget for a few seconds, and when you let go, you should see the dots to resize the widget.


When you’re waiting for an important event, it seems like time passes by slowly. But, when you’re busy preparing for the event, time can fly, and if you’re not aware of how much time is left, you can forget to do a task in time. With these countdowns Android apps, you’ll always be mindful of the remaining time so you can plan accordingly. Which app do you think you’re going to try first? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share the article with others on social media.

Happy learning!