Free $5 Visa Gift Card Survey Method [UNTESTED]

Yeah, so I have a method to get them,

It’s basically filling out surveys, I have personally not tested this…

  • So this is the link, go to this link and, fill out the survey.

  • If you don’t have a business email, then use temp mail


Review from other website…

I have received a vouch copy of this product/method!

the way it works is very neat and effortless and will take you only around 5-10 mins!

the way user gives you support for this method is also very nice!

the best thing is you will receive the card within 24hrs!

and you really wont need to put effort in it cause all you will be doing is survey and put honest (lmao jk) review in it

for overall i give this method a 9.1/10

for the missing .9
its because they will review your REVIEW (lmao)
so its either you receive it or not
just like 50/50

thats all thanks!

[Image: LJsxOv.png]


not working bro

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