Free 100k+ traffic from the biggest subreddits and FB groups for dropshipping | BHW Leak


So, what’s included in this e-book?

The secret to earning without spending money, lol.

This guide is for beginners who don’t have any money to spend at all while starting their store and are looking to make enough money to run ads and scale their business to a whole new level!

I have tried my best to keep the language very simple for a newbie to understand. I have also included screenshots wherever required so that it’s easy to, well, understand.

I’ll show you how I received free traffic from one of the biggest subreddits and groups with 200k followers on Facebook!

That’s right, I’m not talking about some normal subreddit, I’m talking about huge subreddits such as


Basically, in any subreddit you like, you can promote your product there without getting banned or your post being removed by the moderators.
How it is done? Well, that’s the secret [image]
But don’t worry, it’s not about spamming subreddits and groups, this is done with a tricky way to be on the top!

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Happy learning!