Fraud by a client: Freelancing

Hello Guys,
I worked as freelancer for a US client a few days ago.It was decided that the payment will be done after I submit the work via email.
Now after the delivery of the work ,the client is not paying me.
I do have some details about the client.
What should I do to get my money?
it has been 2-3 days,so should I take some legal action?

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Well, it’s pretty clean, If you’ve worked for someone personally like get hired via any messenger then it’s tough to track down any such thing.

But, if you’ve worked for them via a Service like, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc, then simply get the desk help, means contact with website staff, they will do the deed, that’s all, report to them that you’ve got scammed. that’s it.

Remember, always use these serives to get hired, because they are a middle man, and middle man always helps if you get stuck anywhere, Good luck!


I had contacted the client via email and not through any platform,is there any way to get the money.The amount is $300

You should regret, I knew it that you’ve worked on task without getting hired via those platforms, anyway, no solution, Besides ‘‘Willing’’, no other options cause you don’t have the location or further things to report to, so, leave it.
I already mentioned, without the middle-man never work if you don’t know for whom you are going to work!

Else, settle down the advance payment or least half of it if you do things without becoming a part of these platforms.

Have a nice day!


ok bro!! I will keep this thing in mind from now.

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You can’t do anything.
Never work with someone totally new for payment after deliverables. You should have negotiated for at least a 50% upfront payment.



But I think you want payback, so the first thing I would do is…

Assume you will never get your money back. This is important because you don’t want to obsess over it, This will hinder future projects where you get paid upfront and not a volunteer gig.

First, I would save ALL communications with scam-clients (email, txt, messenger, etc.) because this will be your proof of sale. Have it all printed out, including their names, numbers, addresses, emails, everything. Don’t erase anything. This can help you.

When dealing with someone from the USA, it is expected for payment to always be made upfront. I repeat - It’s expected. The moment someone argues about paying a deposit, I would be very cautious, because this person may be a problem. If they refuse to pay, then wish them well and hang up. It’s not worth the effort. No one is an actual client until they pay you.

Also, create invoices with a list of everything that is done to create the project from beginning to end, including processing times, travel, meals while on work, the space you’re working in, electricity, and internet used while working on their project. That part is your homework and you will have to break that all down yourself.

If this is an illustration or logo, NEVER give out a final res product before the final payment has been made. I suggest giving them encrypted PDF files with printing and editing restrictions, and your company watermark with all your Copywrite info embedded. This way they can view the work at high res, but are unable to extract it and use it. Also, they will know it’s copyrighted. Google search this method. This followed with a kind note:


Here is the final product, the password will be sent once the final payment is made. Invoice/Link attached for payment, I only accept Debit and Credit Cards. Thank you for doing business with ________.

Regards, ________"

Now, If you had followed these steps, and have trouble with payment at this point, then rest assured, they will pay you after they can’t figure out the password. They will keep texting and calling. They will even make it sound like they’re losing business because of it.

DON’T GIVE IN! STAY SILENT. In fact mute/ignore all communications. Don’t read anything they send you.

The trick is to be very passive-aggressive with an American, they will go through termoil sending text after text, email after email, begging you to give them the password. Ignore all of them until payment has been made. Continue with other projects and live life and remain silent on all scammer communications until you have a payment notification confirming full payment.

When that day comes, immediately send them a reply with a password that’s literally their first and last names and the year (ie, JohnDoe2021), which is priceless when they find out. Also, when you finally read their emails and txt, it’ll be like Christmas!

Now, That’s how you take control over that situation.

That said, and after the fact, I would begin with mentioning International Copyright Laws to them. Inform (not threaten) them that the work is your property, and they’re not licensed to use it until payment has been made. If they use your work without permission, then they have broken a US Copyright Law, and they could be in trouble.

You will have to file a complaint where a formal ‘cease and desist’ letter will be given to them. If you know their state, you could say that you will also file a complaint to their legislature on a possible international trade fraud and if they’re a bigger business you could file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

And if you don’t get paid then, actually do file these complaints mentioned, it’s worse than a bad Yelp review, and you’ll probably get triple the amount of money you originally bargained for, out of court settlements, and they will be charged thousands of dollars worth of federal fines, a little jail time and a report on their name.

When you make it sound like you know what you’re doing, they will act quickly.

As a bonus, I would post your STOLEN work on social media, including an image of the work you did. Twitter is great because people use Twitter for evidence now, and they are time stamped. Also mention only the company name and nothing else. You don’t want to be caught publicly DOXing. You just want to build awareness, and proof of your work.

Good Luck


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everyday we learn new thing
you feel very very little relif by doing this


@SaM @popalo @tahirk @nabiscojones Thank you so much guys for your views.I got to learn very important aspects of freelancing.

There is a good news guys,as I had some personal details of the client,I messaged them and I told them that I would take legal action,if not paid,and now finally I got my $300.


Glad to hear that, I’m happy for you :heart:

BTW, where is my share? :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

Have a nice day and best of luck with future business!


Good to hear that you got your money. Cheers!!! :heart:


YES!!! This is great news!

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Your reply was the best one bro,I gotvery important insights.TYSM!!

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