Found Grammarly accounts leak

Found these list of accounts leak online, and the first thing i thought of is sharing it with 1Hacker community.
not all accounts are working but give a try with different vpn connection and incognito browser.

i found one account to be working and saved it for my self. you can try rest.

Also, Made a copy of above link to save

  • Use this for Decryption



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Step 1 : scavenger hunt for working credentials
Step 2: install Grammarly for MS office ( Link )
Step 3 : login with the working credentials :slight_smile:
Step 4 : Start using Grammarly in MS Word and MS Outlook

I tired few ,none of them are working

tried seventeen of them none of them are working…

few of them are working. example : :mag: search Sarahyat

Encrypted Text : OZ/jDgtD1oa/UMlvpLaRUr7hnjckVYDQLFGcV9ElT/w=


yup! that one is working. :clap:

there is no account named Sarahyat there,don’t waste others time here

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[email protected]:Sarahyat76496 | : Account Type = Premium
hope this will help you

There are quite a few leaked accounts that are working.
be patient and try all of them you’ll find.

if Leechers use Grammarly-web to correct their content, the account owners can see new files added in their account that they did not create and will change the password.

Try not to use Web app, instead install Grammarly for MS Office - by this you’ll get all Grammarly benefits and the Owner will not realize the account being used.

Owner can only know if he/she see new files in his/her account.

Link 2 also has some working leaked Grammarly accounts try hunting here aswell.

Account Dead

Hey @Ruzaid Thanks for sharing this with community, I do believe their maybe few accounts that are working but it seems most of them are dead, And It’s really tough to find the working one!

Hello People, I tried many of the account and most of them are dead one. It is showing “Sign-in is disabled because of too many attempts. Try again later.”. Kindly provide me any working account.

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[email protected] this works. But now sign in disabled for too many attempts.

That’s not working. Also, provided emails is not available there. Could you please provide the logins?

thank you.i will try this