Found a cool scam website

So I was looking at some combos in pastebin I can try to play with a combolist verifier and found this “leak”

Then I opened this website called but I cannot find any information about the company and this website isn’t legitimate at all. And using one of the “leaked” accounts in the above pastebin, I am able to login and see the user’s balance. And the Send and Receive buttons are conveniently placed once you logged in. If you attempt to Send, it will say you have to verify the recipient wallet first. How to verify? You will have to send exactly 0.001 BTC to the address they gave in the pop up message first.

I just think this is really good idea to scam people who wants hack accounts easy. What do you guys think?


lol that’s really smart!
only if they used legit domain instead of .ml xD

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They don’t want to spent. I think they just got this domain from Freenom.

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This page is no longer available. It has either expired, been removed by its creator, or removed by one of the Pastebin staff.

He can get .ml domain for free and with a free domain hosting it can be dont completly free and after getting some money out of this scam he would be upgrading to a premium legit .com domain

yeah ik and have done that too…freenom and infinity free are beast xD
I was saying that he’s so smart to make such method and that great website then why not buy a legit domain when they are easily available for 3-5$ :rofl:

link not working…

i tried using infinity free but its bit slow during loding idk why but 000webhost is fast but leaves a watermark and it can be easily removed with a script tag since u can modify the source code of the website :rofl: