Forum won't load or update on Pc!

Why won’t load on my pc properly or update? I figured the website was down or a maintenance issue. But all other web browsing works perfectly. Why is it only this website which is a daily part of my routine of websites I check. Please help!!! Works on my mobile not on PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy new year to all!!!

First of all, 1Hack is a website, not an application that may ever require any updates, and PC comparison to Mobile, btw, these are 2 different devices it has nothing to do if site shall open on mobile but not opening on your PC, mobile devices designed to gather less load of such files, anyway, sounds like your OS itself messed up, and will you please examine what type of error you’re seeing on browser’s page?

Let’s make it simple: Causes Vs Solutions

There are many reasons a site might , not loads such as a misconfiguration, corrupt files, problems with OS’es, or something as simple as needing to clear your browser’s cache and cookies on your computer, etc!.

  1. Clear/remove the browser’s cookies/cache, else reset it to default.
  2. Are you sure, your Internet connection is stable/working properly? no time out or other ISP issues? use network troubleshooter to make sure what’s happening.
  3. Check drivers, make sure the browser is properly configured, make sure the Firewall does not block access to specific sites, which means check security.
  4. Which browser? name it…and before you do, did you try accessing the site via other browsers?
  5. Whatever browser, how many extensions installed on it? name them…before you do make sure there is no unknown or adware installed which probably disturbing.
  6. Are you using AdBlock? which AdBlock? did you white site 1Hack (
  7. Did you scan your PC? probably virus or adware has blocked such access.

In short:

  • Make sure the network is good and the firewall not blocking anything.
  • Scan your PC, clean adware/malware if found.
  • Uninstall and Re-Install Browser.
  • Instead of AdBlock, use uBlock extension and white

Still failed:

  • Use a friend’s PC/Laptop and connect your network, which means borrowing a PC/Laptop from a friend, and connect your internet cable/wifi to it, so you can easily cross-check.
  • Get an IT doctor, if you know one near you or visit a computer repair shop.

Review: I’m using Windows 10 Pro x64, for example, if I supposed to install an OS as fresh? see how it goes:
Bootable USB stick > Boot > Format > Install OS > once it gets done, setting up devices, getting ready, after the last restart, windows will automatically get drivers, trust me without any single piece of further settings, I just install Chrome, Bam! 1Hack is live. :man_shrugging:

Good luck & Have a nice day!


Thanks Sam your a lifesaver to say the least!!!


I too sometimes have some problem like this too, I try to reload it again, and before you try sam solution 2-7, try open web in incognito / private tab, wether its load perfectly or not. If it always happens at first when you open browser, probably is too much browser cache, step 1 works for this case

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