⚡ Flux-Keylogger | Modern javascript keylogger with web panel

:zap: Flux-Keylogger

Modern javascript keylogger with web panel

So many questions about how to hack facebook account ? how to hack twitter/instagram account ?? and blablabla. To hack someone account is not easy as you imagined, because facebook, instagram or twitter is a big company that update the security almost every day. But some method is still work, one of that is Keylogger. You can hack facebook by steal passwords with keylogger, its basically you capture anything typed by the keyboard.


Flux-Keylogger is a modern javascript keylogger with web panel.

With this tool you can capture keystokes on victim keyboard, and also get location or cookies. With web panel that can make you easier to monitor the target.

:computer: Web panel:

:telescope: Logging:

  • Keylogger
  • Cookies
  • Location
  • Remote IP
  • User-Agents

:satellite: Installation server files:



I was really expecting to see a frontend JavaScript keylogger by the name of it, but it’s actually a backend server PHP keylogger #misleading #disappointed :frowning:

This is just plain old PHP with some JavaScript code in it, but not fully native JavaScript code.