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I am using Lenovo g570 (old model laptop) with windows 8.1 OS.recently I have a problem with keyboard as it mistypes.letters get typed in upper case ,goes to lower case when I turn on caps lock.the number don’t even get typed no matter if I turn on nums lock or not.the function key doesn’t work so I can’t boot.i don’t have pendrive and can’t buy due to lockdown inorder to the way mouse works fine.i always have on screen keyboard on but it types as same as my keyboard do.i can’t open my laptop since password consists of numbers also.and I don’t have external keyboard also.
Any help would be appreciated .

Try to Update your driver and windows or reset it resetting don’t need pen drive

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It asked for external drive to reset.can I update without entering the system?the password consists of numbers also and the numbers don’t get typed.

Hi @Sanjay_Mainali
I’m also go through is kind of problem with my Dell vostro 2012 model. I solve there are 2 option was work for me. You can try them.

  1. If you luckily unlock the laptop the press windows button + x and m. You will be on device divers manager. and uninstall the inbuilt keyboard. And use external keyboard. (this will work as temp solution)

  2. Just replace the laptop’s keyboard. (longtime solution). Still i’m moving with it.
    Good day :slightly_smiling_face:

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use on screen keyboard

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