Fix: Android Storage is full, but there is space left [Error]

I started using one of those play games to earn points for gift card apps and quickly ran into this problem. Although my phone had a lot of space, it said it was out of storage space and wouldn’t let me do a lot of things. Since then, I have seen this question posted in different ways on many sites. So I can tell it’s a common problem, and after lots of trial and error, this is the best way I found to fix the issue.

01: Close All Apps!

This right here is your biggest problem. You have too many applications open and it’s taking up all the ram, and the phone is reading it as taking up space. Although there are apps to help you with this issue in the future most of the time, the first time you need to do it manually. That is unless you already have a good app to do the job because right now your phone will not let you install one.

Go to your settings > Apps > and click on every app and click FORCE STOP

02: Clean The Phone

While you are still at Setting’s > Apps > Go to storage and clear the cache on every app too.

The hard part

Also while there clear the data! Now I know this one is a tough thing to ask. You lose everything, but data is a huge space hog! I recommend you always log in to apps using your Google or Facebook accounts. Games usually have this option too. So stuff like your game progress isn’t lost when you do this step. I have a Facebook account for my games only, so it has nothing personal. You can clear the data by clicking Manage Space next to the clear cache setting after you click storage.

Now the warning should be gone but if you want to clean more space or still are having problems

03: Last Step:

Open File manager > Go to the Android folder and delete everything inside. It will make fresh folders for all your apps afterward don’t worry.

Might Help

Okay, so there’s a chance you can avoid clearing the data, but even without this that might still need to be done. Especially if games are involved!

Uninstall and Disable Unneeded Apps

Most of the time we all have those apps that just sit there and we never use. Well, this is a good time to get rid of them. Well here are the steps to clean uninstall an app on Android.

  1. Open Settings > Apps
  2. Select the app you want to uninstall
  3. Press Force Stop
  4. Press Storage
  5. Press Manage Space
  6. Press Clear Data and Cache
  7. Go back to the Main App Screen
  8. Press Uninstall

To disable just click disable instead of uninstalling. A lot of system apps are huge, but you’ll find that disabling them will set them back to factory settings and reduce the space they take.

Now go to File Manager

If your phone doesn’t come with one you’ll need a 3rd party one

Go to Android > Data and find the folder with App name and delete it

Do the same on your SD Card

Now, this should all take care of the error, but it always good to clean your phone at least a couple of times a day. It collects a lot of junk, and those steps above won’t get rid of all of it. This is when you are going to need apps. I suggest you get a premium version for the best results. You’ll need at least an app killer, a good cleaner, and an app that cleans cache. Who knows though maybe you’ll find a good one to do it all, just in case try a second app to test it, because you might find out there’s a lot more space to be saved. I use an app killer, a cleaner, cache cleaner, a hidden cache cleaner, and a program that cleans corpse files and empty folders etc… Maybe I go a little overboard, but when my hidden cache cleaner tells me it can save me another 180MB of space after running other apps, I feel it’s worth it. PM me if you want a list of apps I use. I don’t want to recommend them here because find what works best for your personal needs and phone and who knows you might end up with better apps than I have. Remember to read reviews to get a good one and not end up with a bad app.

I hope I could help you with this annoying problem!


Or you can use this → SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool – Apps on Google Play

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Amazing little app isn’t it? I actually just found out recently there was even more I could do with it then I noticed before. Just didn’t dig around enough I guess. I even managed to get rid of a couple previous cleaning apps I had, because this app did the same thing as them and more.

Anyway yes it’s an amazing app for this thing. I still need about 2 others to go along with it to get the job finished completely, personally, but those also have other tasks I use them for. This alone though would help a lot by itself. It for sure will at least get you in a good place to even try other options if needed.

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