FisherMan | Tool to Collects Information From Facebook User

Search for public profile information on Facebook


# clone the repo
$ git clone

# change the working directory to FisherMan
$ cd FisherMan

# install the requeriments
$ python3 -m pip install -r requeriments.txt

# dependency:
 you need to install geckodriver on your machine,
 download the binary from the official mozilla repo:
 extract and copy the binary, i recommend placing it in /usr/bin


$ python3 --help
usage: [-h] [--version] [-u USERNAME [USERNAME ...] | -i ID
                    [ID ...] | --use-txt TXT_FILE | -S USER] [-sf]
                    [--specify {0,1,2,3,4,5} [{0,1,2,3,4,5} ...]] [-s]
                    [--filters] [-work WORK] [-education EDUCATION]
                    [-city CITY] [-b] [--email EMAIL] [--password PASSWORD]
                    [-o] [-c] [-v | -q]

FisherMan: Extract information from facebook profiles. (Version 3.5.0)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             Shows the current version of the program.
  -u USERNAME [USERNAME ...], --username USERNAME [USERNAME ...]
                        Defines one or more users for the search.
  -i ID [ID ...], --id ID [ID ...]
                        Set the profile identification number.
  --use-txt TXT_FILE    Replaces the USERNAME parameter with a user list in a
  -S USER, --search USER
                        It does a shallow search for the username. Replace the
                        spaces with '.'(period).
  -b, --browser         Opens the browser/bot.
  -v, -d, --verbose, --debug
                        It shows in detail the data search process.
  -q, --quiet           Eliminates and simplifies some script outputs for a
                        simpler and more discrete visualization.

search options:
  --filters             Shows the list of available filters.
  -work WORK            Sets the work filter.
  -education EDUCATION  Sets the education filter.
  -city CITY            Sets the city filter.

profile options:
  -sf, --scrape-family  If this parameter is passed, the information from
                        family members will be scraped if available.
  --specify {0,1,2,3,4,5} [{0,1,2,3,4,5} ...]
                        Use the index number to return a specific part of the
                        page. about: 0, about_contact_and_basic_info: 1,
                        about_family_and_relationships: 2, about_details: 3,
                        about_work_and_education: 4, about_places: 5.
  -s, --several         Returns extra data like profile picture, number of
                        followers and friends.

  --email EMAIL         If the profile is blocked, you can define your
                        account, however you have the search user in your
                        friends list.
  --password PASSWORD   Set the password for your facebook account, this
                        parameter has to be used with --email.

  -o, --file-output     Save the output data to a .txt file.
  -c, --compact         Compress all .txt files. Use together with -o.

To search for a user:

User name: python3 -u name name.profile name.profile2
ID: python3 -i 000000000000

The username must be found on the facebook profile link, such as:

It is also possible to load multiple usernames from a .txt file, this can be useful for a brute force output type:

python3 --use-txt filename.txt

Some profiles are limited to displaying your information for any account, so you can use your account to extract. Note: this should be used as the last hypothesis, and the target profile must be on your friends list:

python3 --email [email protected] --password yourpass

Some situations:

For complete massive scrape:

python3 --use-txt file -o -c -sf

With a file with dozens of names on each line, you can make a complete “scan” taking your information and even your family members and will be compressed into a .zip at the output.

  • For specific parts of the account:
Basic data: python3 -u name --specify 0
Family and relationship: python3 -u name --specify 2
It is still possible to mix: python3 -u name --specify 0 2
  • To get additional things like profile picture, how many followers and how many friends:

python3 -u name [-s | --several]

  • For a short search by people’s name:

python3 [-S | --search] foo

Replace the spaces in the name with “.”(periods). The script returns around 30 profiles.

To filter the search:

python3 -S name -work fisherman

If the filter has spaces, enclose it in quotes.

  • For a minimalist execution:

python3 [-q | --quiet]

Considerably reduces the script’s output texts and, by convention, improves performance.

If you are using windows: source


I would love to have your help in developing this project.

Some things you can help me with:

Add more search filters.

Please look at the Wiki entry on Adding filters to the search argument to understand the issues.

This tool only extracts information that is public, not use for private or illegal purposes.


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