FireShodanMap | Realtime Map To Search And Analyze Vulnerable Devices

FireShodanMap is a Realtime map that integrates Firebase and Shodan. A search is carried out using Shodan searching vulnerable devices and they are showed on the map for analysis. All data updated in Firebase are Realtime.


We have a file named “” responsible for fill Firebase database, we need to change:

[+] FILE_WITH_KEY.json (Open the Credentials tab and click Create credentials. You want the API key option. Create a server key. It will automatically download as a *.json file) [+] KEY_FIREBASE_HERE (Open the Firebase Project and click Add Firebase to your web application) [+] API_SHODAN_KEY

Now, we need to change index.html and firebase_conf.js files.

[+] index.html - MY_KEY_MAP [+] firebase_conf.js - Open the Firebase Project and click Add Firebase to your web application

Usage Example

Access index.html file and run “python” to fill your database. You can see your data now. If you remove any data your map will update automatic. OBS: If you stop the script the data will continue there


Neto Oliveira Alessandro Barreto Gabriel Carneiro


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