Finding Serial Numbers From Bluetooth Devices for SE! ⭐

Step 1:
Download “nRF Connect” from the Google play store. This is a Bluetooth development application that let’s you connect to, query data from, and emulate Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices.

Step 2:
Go to a public area with lots of devices, and use the app to scan.

Step 3:
Find the device you want to grab the serial number from and click the 3 dots next to “Connect”. Select “Connect with preferred PHY”.

Step 4:
Ensure LE 1M is the only option selected, and click OK. This is to convince the device you’re connecting to that your device is dumb, and should not go through the pairing MITM protections. When the new tab opens, continuously click connect if needed.

Step 5:
Look for and click on the row labeled “Device Information”. If this contains “Serial Number”, congrats you theif! Click the download arrow on the right to collect the fruits of your labor. The serial number will appear on the bottom of the row you queried from.

Happy learning!