Finding m3u8 or help in downloading

So previously i have been able find m3u8 file easily in jiocinemas. Now they have updated there protection how to do so? or do we have to decrypt the mpd file to download it. Any help would be helpfull. For mpd decrypting you to have the key right how to bypass it or help in finding the m3u8 file.

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I use video Downloadhelper in chrome and firefox.
This addon can find all the stream links on a webpage.

It mostly can find the stream file and I copy it’s link over to youtube-dl to get the best result.



Hi, For decrypting mpd files you need to use drm widewine license. If you are catching mpd files through chrome in Developee tools you can see Drm widewine license link. Actually I m using this extension for playing mp4 on chrome.

When you enter mpd video link it will ask for license then put license link and it will open.