Finding And Making Ads With Amazing CTR's [GUIDE]

The simplest way to create high CTR Ads takes very basic photoshop skills. Most of the time though all you have to do is search, photoshop is rarely needed except for cropping. Source: SEM

> Searching for images

– ‘Impossible/wild/WTF images’ is exactly what you do to create high CTR. A lot of the time these images are done for you just need to search google images/deviantart.

For this example, let’s use: The Twilight Series

  1. I’ll have my base keyword “Twilight”
  2. Now my target marks is girls 13-22, so I’ll figure out what they like about “Twilight”
  3. They like the male actors, the love story, the vampires
  4. I’ll create my main searching keywords now such as “Robert Pattinson, Edward, Taylor Lautner, Vampires”
  5. Then I’ll start with one keyword and adverbs to the end, so I’ll search for:

‘Robert Pattinson crazy’
‘Robert Pattinson wtf’
‘Robert Pattinson fighting’
‘Robert Pattinson weird’
‘Robert Pattinson weird hat’
‘Robert Pattinson bleeding’
‘Robert Pattinson gun’
‘Robert Pattinson kissing’
‘Robert Pattinson club’

Think of keywords that are weird… and add them to the end of your main keyword. “Things like blood, guns, and celebs bring in good CTR”.
In this scenario, i ended up finding pics of Robert Pattinson bleeding, and they got me some HUGE CTRs

> Photoshopping Images

So let’s say we can’t find any good CTR images of Robert Pattinson… so you have to make some. This is purely where your creativity and knowledge of the subject your advertising comes in to play. This isn’t something that can be taught, i can only show you examples of things I’ve done. One of the best images I’ve created was ‘Robert Pattinson kissing Taylor Lautner’. I know what your thinking, but if you want to make money, this is the weird shit you have to do!
– Why it works so well on Facebook is because it’s so small. So when i created this image at 300×300 pixels roughly, i photoshopped it, cleaned it up and then sized it down to 110×80, you really have no idea whether it’s real or not.
– All i did was: find an image of 1 of them kissing a girl to the right, and other kissing a girl to the left (or you could horizontally switch it in photoshop), then erased whoever they were kissing, made them face each other, cleaned it up a bit and scaled it down to 110×80.

– This image was an ‘impossible image’ Twilight fans see this and they’re like “WTF!”, so the CTR is huge.

For those of you who don’t know the Photoshop world too well, there’s a site called:
– This site hosts photoshop competitions, things like "Impossible Celebrity Couples, Impossible Animal

Mergers, Celeb Jokes etc" Example contests:

Why is Worth1000 Important To You?

Because they have a search function!! (make sure you are searching under ‘entries’ and not ‘galleries’)

Another site to keep in mind for finding unique images is
– They have huge databases of custom made images by their members and lots of photoshops

Random tip: The photoshop job doesn’t have to be done well, sometimes shitty jobs will yield a higher CTR.



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