File recreate after deleting in wordress website due to malware

Hi, i found i a file in my core wordpress installation which recreate after i delete that.No matter how many times i delete that.And by googling i found that this file related to JSON Web Token (JWT), which can be used by hackers to gain i can not delete that file i assume it is malicious…i talked to the siteground support and they said they have nothing to do.There are lot of hackers there, i hope you guys can help with the removal.The file is located in wp-admin.
File name: e9e6c70243f58b4144b87db4e3541ed9
You may find these helpful:


Thank you

Do not use nulled themes/plugins as they lead to these kind of issue.

You have not explained how you recreate your site. Please explain so that some one will help you . give more details