Few Tips For Saving Money Online!

Tips that used over the years that will save you a few bucks, enjoy! :+1:

  • If you want to play a new mobile game check the internet if some Youtuber maybe has a ref link for it, they often give you some extra coins, skins or other goodies

  • Most mobile games give you extra cash if you follow their social media, but once you clicked the ingame button they don’t check if you actually did, just click it and go back lol

  • If you’re looking to buy a book simply google the name of it + “epub download”, so for example “diary of a wimpy kid epub download”, you will get download links to e-book versions of your book

  • There is a free browser addon calledhoney” that automatically scrapes and tests coupon codes for you for all type of checkouts, like mmoga, g2a and pretty much every other store

  • Before buying a game on steam google the name of it + “steam key”, so for example “GTA V steam key” and you will find steam key price comparison sites that give you the best price for the game

  • Before buying jewelry from unknown websites always check ali express for the item, many new websites are basically dropshippers that resell cheap ali express items for way more

  • Many sites give you up to 80% off if you’re a student and all you need to have is a edu-mail, you can buy those for $1-$3 on many resources if deep search

  • Most subscription services give you a free month, you can exploit that by creating new emails every month

  • If you’re looking to get a singleplayer game just download a cracked version of it honestly, you will often run into games that you don’t like or stop playing after a week so it’s nice to save here and there, if you decide that you actually like it and want to support the devs you can still buy it/



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